Morocco modern

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ISBN: 9780500070178
Aasta: 1996
Kirjastus: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Autor(id): Herbert J. M. Ypma
Kirjeldus: Morocco is a country of extremes: at once ultra-modern, with its cellular phones and couture fashions, yet still deeply traditional, with a legacy of almost 500 years of political and cultural isolation. These twin tendencies are also the defining qualities in modern Morocco’s decorative arts. Some of the most talented and progressive architects and designers are working in Morocco today. At the same time their work is profoundly influenced by a deep-rooted veneration for the fine artisan traditions of the past, the centuries-old skills of the weavers, woodworkers and zillij masters. One thing that unifies Morocco ancient and modern, as the photographs in this book show, is the dazzling use of colour that characterizes all the work. Herbert Ypma traces the origins of the great artisan traditions and looks at the way contemporary designers such as Bill Willis continue to use these techniques. The book concludes with the work of one of the most remarkable contemporary architects, Charles Boccara, whose designs reinterpret these influences to create work that is strikingly modern. A country of extremes, Morocco is at once ultra-modern yet deeply traditional. This is illustrated by the decorative arts in modern Morocco. This title combines a history of design and architecture in Morocco with an insight into the most contemporary trends.


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