The Victorian Age: An Anthology Of Sources And Documents

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ISBN: 9780415185554
Aasta: 1998
Kirjastus: Psychology Press
Autor(id): Josephine M. Guy
Kirjeldus: The Victorian Age introduces students of nineteenth-century literary and
cultural history to the main areas of intellectual debate in the Victorian
period. Bringing together for the first time in one volume a wide range of
primary source material, this anthology gives readers a unique insight into
the ways in which different areas of Victorian intellectual debate were
interconnected. The Victorian Age covers developments in social and
political theory, economics, science and religion, aesthetics, and
sexuality and gender, and provides access to a range of documents which
have hitherto been highly inaccessible – both difficult to locate and
difficult to interpret and understand. This authoritative anthology
contains: * a general introduction which explains the various ways in which
the relationships between literary and intellectual culture can be
theorised * essays describing the background to the areas of debate
illustrated by the selected source documents * bibliographical notes on all
the documents included * brief accounts of the reputation and career of the
documents’ authors. This volume will enable humanities students, as well as
the general reader, to understand complex areas of debates in an unusually
wide range of disciplines, several of which will be unfamiliar.


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