Woven cargoes: Indian textiles in the East

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ISBN: 9780500018637
Aasta: 1998
Kirjastus: Thames and Hudson
Autor(id): Guy, John
Kirjeldus: Dazzling cloths present a visual record of the trade in Indian textiles to Southeast and East Asia. With a focus on the 17th and 18th centuries, Guy (deputy curator, Victoria and Albert Museum) examines the history of the cloth-for-spices trade, describes the techniques of textile production, and then looks in detail at the place of imported clothes in the Malay world, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan. The volume contains 145 beautiful color illustrations as well as 96 b&w photographs and illustrations. The dazzling cloths presented in this book are the visual record of one of the great untold stories of Asian cultural history: the trade in Indian textiles to Southeast Asia, China, and Japan. Outstanding among them are the tie-dyed silk patola made for Indonesia and the patterned cottons–the famous chintz–that were unmatched anywhere in fineness of design and permanence of color. The chintzes made for export to Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are now well known, but for over a thousand years these trade cloths were exchanged by merchants of all nations for the spices and valuables of the East. They were a key element in the formation of colonial maritime empires and, in the countries that sought to possess them, they clothed kings, served as prestigious diplomatic gifts, and even preserved wearers from death. John Guy explains the weaving techniques involved and describes the history of the trade in the Malay world, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China, and Vietnam. He draws on a vivid range of contemporary sources, including the records of visitors, merchants, and trading companies; on paintings and engravings; on modern ethnographical studies; on his own firsthand research; and above all on the textiles themselves.


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