A history of art in Africa

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ISBN: 9780500237786
Aasta: 2000
Kirjastus: Thames & Hudson
Autor(id): Monica Blackmun Vison?,Monica Blackmun Vison?
Kirjeldus: This innovative and comprehensive book approaches African Art from a historical perspective rather than an anthropological perspective. A History of Art in Africa shows how African Art has developed from beliefs, traditions, cultural and historical influences. It challenges current perceptions of African Art and presents it as intellectual and intentional in it’s own right, rather than as intuitive or “primal” impulses, as it has been previously perceived. The book also covers the entire continent of Africa, including Egypt, and incorporates the creative influences of Islamic and Christian religious artistic traditions as well. A discussion of contemporary Africa Art includes the works of the Diaspora. Five part organization of the book’s content allows the user to select which geographical area of the continent to explore first. Useful to anyone interested in African Art or art history.


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