A world of our own: women as artists since the Renaissance

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ISBN: 9780500237762
Aasta: 2000
Kirjastus: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Autor(id): Frances Borzello
Kirjeldus: Here is an inspirational account of the way in each women have succeeded and prospered as professional artists from 1500 to the present day. Understandably, this story has usually been told as a catalogue of thwarted aspirations, but A World of Our Own gives an entirely new perspective by showing women artists as the survivors they truly were. Frances Borzello takes the difficulties that faced them for granted, just as they did themselves, and reveals through their own lives and in their own words how they found a training and earned a living. Their determination to succeed and the distinctive world they created is what makes their adventures in art so interesting. Women have always practised as artists, but were for centuries considered intruders in a male profession. This study examines how they overcame these difficulties and reconstructs the changing world of the female artist, tracing its development through the centuries as different attitudes evolved.


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